Friday, May 27, 2011

Sexy legs

Just watched Russian program where they conducted experiment and found that guys pay more attention to long nice legs than breasts or pretty face.
While living here- I got used to wearing more skirts than jeans/pants and with skirts come thigh-highs or panty hose. Fortunately, our office is next to the biggest  market in the region with a big assortment of hosiery. I bought some bright blue panty hose there, and wore them with a black mini dress to work once.....good times
Before I left my job I went to the market to stock up, but they were out of cool design hosiery because the season was over, sad face.
So, I put these in my wishlist. I also read somewhere, that you can make this effect if you draw something on your leg with a sharpie before putting on nude panty hose.

sexy BUTTERFLY TATTOO thigh-high socks DEEP MOCHA

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  1. Ooooooo this is so awesome. I totally agree with this research.