Sunday, May 29, 2011


When living in the States, I met a girl who was making jewelry. She is a very talented and creative person and she inspired me to try jewelry making myself.
I am just a novice at it and I feel like I don't have enough imagination or expertise to make something I will instantly love- I always have doubts about my pieces.
I find these earrings to be very inspiring in color and design. They are so modern, young, stylish - these should be the guidelines in making my pieces

Circular Feather Earrings in Brown and Lime Green with Red Accents

Striking Bright Red and Black Spiky Feather Earrings

Small Interchangeable Feather Earrings in Brown, Blue and Beige


  1. Very pretty. Don't you think you'd have to be pretty brave to wear something so striking? Or maybe I'm just not imagining it on a person very well.

  2. yes! bravery is another thing I am lacking. But Id admire a girl who can pull this off. Just imagine simple black dress and these earrings :)