Saturday, April 21, 2012


I had worked at 6 different places so far. I was a student assistant, a coffee barista/waiter, a teller, a marketing assistant, a finance intern, and a financial analyst. Different companies, different teams, different roles.
For me, work places come in 2 categories. The first one is where your work is your family. You know most of the coworkers, you have good friends at work and you feel very comfortable and easy at work. I was lucky to experience that kind of environment. You get to find people who genuinely  care about you and make your work so much more enjoyable. You get to know people and their problems and share yours in return. You feel appreciated and supported there.
The second type is where you feel out of place. The company is nice and you get along with your colleagues, but there is something missing. You don't share much about yourself, because when you do people seem to misunderstand you and not care. However, the same people think that you should care about them and over-share a little bit too much. I call such workplaces- money fields, because I am there only for a salary. It is unfortunate that this happens. May be there is a disconnect between people's personalities and work environment.

It makes me appreciate a job where I feel like I am in a right place. Good supportive people at work make me overlook a small salary or long crazy hours. I still have a good feeling when I get home, and I am looking forward to go back to my office the next day.

I am starting a new life right now, and I am ready to take up any kind of work circumstances. However, I hope I will find my match in a long run. Good thing is- I know what to look for :)

update: my opinion has changed since then. I think you  just have different people at every job. There are mean, egoistical types and nice, warm people at every job place.  Ah, the wisdoms of experience.. 

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