Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We wake up late - it is weekend for him. Lazily, we each go brush teeth and come back to bed to cuddle. We have breakfast and cuddle some more. Today's plan is shopping for the dress in the mall with 2 phases (whatever that means).
We dress up and head out. It's hot. We walk around the mall, finding new, unvisited and very expensive stores. We finally find ZARA and I dive in it's feminine dresses, skirts and blouses. I see that some women who shop there, already wear some items from Spring/Summer collection. I make notes of how they wear this skirt and that blouse. It's interesting to see the clothes on the racks and then on live ordinary models.
I grab several dresses and go try them on. I put the first one on- it's tight, with no zippers or buttons. 3 minutes later I am freaking out because I cannot take that dress off. Im thinking to call someone to help me pull that thing off of me. I take a break, calm down and get out of that dress. I realize all the items I took, are in size Small, and I am probably Medium. Whatever. I risk trying them all. And then go out and get Medium sizes. After many hesitations, and sms to my mom, I finally choose and buy my dress.

We check out some more stores and I buy some more stuff. Stuff, that will turn into a heavy burden for my check in luggage in 2 months. 

We have lunch at a Japanese restaurant and head back home. 
We watch our favorite TV show, relaxing at home. We go down to our small gym and jog/run for 30 min. Come back home and make a fresh fruit smoothie. 
We take showers and put on lotions. We cuddle some more and watch some more of our fav TV shows.

Life is getting back to normal- our usual routine of doing everything together. 


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  2. I'm so glad we can get life back to normal. :)